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Kitchen Accessories

Everything you need to prep, mix, serve and store, from measuring jugs and scales to seving jugs and storage jars.

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Our Egg Timers, Fridge Thermometers, Measuring Jugs & More

If you’re someone who likes things to run on time in the kitchen our selection of kitchen timers, kitchen scales and measuring tools can help you.

Cooking an egg is one such task that requires very specific timing: too short and the egg may be undercooked; too long and you’ll miss out on a runny yolk! Our selection of egg timers are designed to make it impossible to mess up your perfect egg - with lots of fun designs such as cow timers, tomato timers and Santa timers as well as advanced digital timers.

Fridge thermometers can help ensure your fridge or freezer is at the correct temperature, meaning food is being preserved correctly. In food production, there are often requirements for the temperature for both food to be preserved at and for cooking temperatures, so our range of thermometers can help you ensure food safety even in a domestic kitchen, keeping your family and friends safe and well fed.

Measure to Perfection

Cooking is a science and measuring the right quantities of ingredients is a vital part of any kitchen experiment. That’s why we have a wide range of measuring jugs, kitchen scales, thermometers, spaghetti measures and cake testers to help you.

These measuring tools are particularly useful for baking - where even a slight difference in quantity can lead to hugely different results - and also for people on certain diets who may want to measure their food intake.

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As well as our range of measuring tools, Judge stock a wide selection of Serving Dishes, Cutlery and Cafetieres and Coffee Makers for those sumptuous after dinner desserts and sharing sweet bakes with friends.

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