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Food Steamers and Poachers

Discover Judge’s high quality food steamers and poachers, offering time-saving solutions and healthier options for all of your favourite meals. Browse our range of products, designed to make your everyday cooking experience simple and effective.

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Steamers & Poachers

Judge’s range of steamers and poachers

Judge’s line of food steamers and poachers is designed to streamline the way you cook, while providing versatility to create savoury mains or sweet desserts.

With little to no added fat required, steaming and poaching are much healthier compared to frying, grilling or sautéing. Steaming is a quick and hassle-free way to cook veggies, rice or tofu (and more) to perfection. Our products preserve food’s inherent taste, so you can enjoy an enhanced flavour and achieve the exact texture you prefer.

Poachers slowly cook ingredients in simmering water, stock, milk or wine, expanding the range of tasty meal options even further. They’re ideal for delicate ingredients that require precise cooking, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs or fruit. This low-temperature cooking method avoids over-cooking to protect nutrients, resulting in tender, delicious dishes.

Favourite meals made easy by design

Save time and hassle by cooking an entire meal at once. Stack steamers together or use one alone as a regular pot. Our multifunctional products keep ingredients separate while cooking - the ideal solution for busy schedules where time is of the essence.

Our tiered steamer sets, inserts, or low-heat transmission handle option implement this quick, yet effective, cooking technique into any meal. Whether you’re starting your cookware collection, or trying something new, explore our range to find the best product for you.

Preserving natural goodness

Using steamers for veggies is a well-known and effective way to keep food both vibrant and vitamin-packed. It’s a gentle cooking method using indirect heat, locking in your ingredients’ naturally delicious taste, texture and nutrients.

Veggie lovers can count on Judge for their culinary needs. Our 14cm Judge Asparagus Steamer is ideal for cooking straight, long or tall vegetables. A polished, mirrored design that’s conveniently shaped to steam your meal in minutes - a must-have for cooking fresh greens.

Consistently efficient performance

Judge’s steamers and poachers boast reliability you can count on, meal after meal. Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, our products feature a hob or induction-compatible thermic base. It’s how we guarantee impressive heat distribution for consistently even cooking, every time.

Safety is paramount in our designs, with single or dual handles crafted from hollow stainless steel or low-heat transmission phenolic plastic. Our electric steamers are hassle-free and energy-efficient, with the option for safe, auto shut-off features and stop functions.

Poachers and steamers from Judge

All of our steamers and poachers are high-performance, but low-maintenance. Made with Judge's stamp of approval, they’re affordable and user-friendly. So, whether you’re craving quick, cooked-to-perfection poached fish or tender vegetables, our products will deliver.

Preserve the delicious flavours and healthy nutrients of your fresh ingredients, with products made to use over and over again. Get in touch to find out more, or explore our full range of cookware sets.