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Kitchen Scissors 

We offer a selection of kitchen scissors for everyday uses. We offer specialist scissors such as herb scissors and poultry shears.

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Kitchen Scissors


Our Kitchen Scissors

An often overlooked tool, kitchen scissors are an important part of preparing meals, from opening packaging to cutting herbs quickly or readying food items such as poultry.

To save on precious time, our herb scissors feature 5 sets of stainless steel blades to efficiently chop through herb leaves and stems. With each blade made from perfectly sharp stainless steel, each cut is crisp to avoid bruising delicate herbs, so these herb scissors will precisely cut while leaving the herbs’ fresh and vibrant appearance intact. While handily dishwasher safe for after use, herb scissors also include an easy clean sheath with a built in cleaning ‘comb’ to release herbs after chopping and avoid mess.

To make the perfect homemade chicken roast dinner, prepping the poultry is a vital step. With our poultry shears we have designed poultry bone cutters and a safety lock for secure storage or when not in use. With our key feature of an ergonomic handle with soft grip, you can be confident that our poultry shears will be comfortable for prolonged use and secure when handling poultry.

Comfortable Ergonomically-Shaped Soft Grip Handles.

Our 25 year guaranteed kitchen scissors are of great value, but without a huge cost. The stainless steel blades of these all-purpose kitchen scissors have long-lasting cutting edges that are honed to perfect sharpness for any given task.

With great grip from the ergonomically shaped handles these kitchen scissors are designed for safe and secure use, but without the common discomfort from a harder handle. Within this range of all-purpose kitchen scissors we have a small 12cm/5inch pair that are ideal for close cutting or delicate tasks, though these also feature sharp stainless steel blades for precision every time.

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Alongside offering the best kitchen scissors, Judge also stocks a wide selection of Chopping Boards and Cooking Tools for every baking or cooking requirement and kitchen style.

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