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Pan Handles & Lids

Has one of your kitchen accesories been misplaced or damaged? Browse our collection of pan lids, knobs, handles, and other cookware spare parts!

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Pan Handles & Lids


Our Kitchen Spares

Whether you have misplaced or need to replace a pan accessory, our range of kitchen spares will fit your requirements. With saucepans and pots being a staple piece of equipment for most meals, we know that missing pan lids can be frustrating and inhibit precise cooking.

Within our range of glass lids, we stock options for either vented or perforated pan lids for over boil prevention. If you prioritise multi-functionality, then our draining saucepan lid has perforated sides to allow you to drain straight from the pan, minimising mess and dishwashing! Our extremely handy universal replacement lids fit most pans, whilst you can also choose from stainless steel pan handles or anti-slip stay cool handles to suit your needs.

If you are missing a handle or knob, we can provide you an easy-to-fit replacement. Our phenolic plastic pan handles come in helper handles for two-handled pots and pans, or single handles for saucepans. We stock an inclusive range of sizes for all pots and pans, with single screw fittings which allow you to replace and use with ease.

If you need a replacement saucepan knob then look no further than our simple screw fitting stainless steel knobs. This pan lid knob has an anti-slip phenolic plastic coating which will stay cool and provide grip. Alike our pan handles our replacement knob is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 180°C.

60% of Non stick damage occurs when the pans are stacked.

Within our range of trivets we have created a multi-functional addition to your kitchen tools. Our heat-resistant silicone trivet is a surface protector for hot and wet pans or for items that can scratch surfaces.

As a large percentage (60%) of non-stick damage occurs from stacking, you can sandwich these trivets between your cookware for protection and to minimise noise when stacking pans. As this trivet design is made from heat-resistant silicone, it can be folded to create an oven glove or grip.

Other options of trivets include our chrome-plated iron varieties which are rust resistant and hardwearing and come in round, square or rectangular shapes to protect your worktops.

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