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Our range of glassware looks fantastic around the home. Perfect to give as gifts, our selection includes wine, beer and gin glass sets, tumblers and more.

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Our Glassware & Drinking Glasses

When hosting others or simply pouring yourself a refreshment, having the finest glassware can greatly improve your drinking experience.

Whether you are looking for drinking glasses for serving water or non-alcoholic drinks at the table, then our highball glass set is a great choice. These drinking glasses come in a set of two, and feature a double-walled design for optimum insulation for hot or cold drinks. An ideal choice for a gift, these drinking glasses are hand crafted, being mouth blown to create pieces that are completely unique.

When enjoying your favourite wine, having high-quality and stylish wine glasses can bring a touch of luxury to your home dining. Our crystalline wine glasses have unmatched clarity and strength, even when tested on 1000 dishwasher cycles. These glasses are available in sets of four and with either a narrower mouth for white wines or a larger bowl for effectively aerating red wines.

A more modern style in our range of wine glasses is our stemless design, which suits both red and white wines. A great option for a student household or a new home, these fit easily in the dishwasher and are designed to impress. Also great to serve cocktails such as Spritz at parties.

A Glass for Every Occasion

For sipping spirits and short cocktails, then our tumbler glasses are a great match. Our range of tumbler glasses includes a bubble tumbler with a weighted base for greater stability, and an intriguing bubble feature in the base.

For optimum temperature control, our double walled tumbler glasses will keep drinks cool without condensation on the glass. These borosilicate glasses are a perfect gift for a whiskey or scotch lover, coming in a handy 2 piece set.

If you are more a gin and tonic lover, then our gin glasses feature the classic balloon shaped bowl and long stem to keep your drink chilled. Not only does the balloon shape allow you to fit larger sprigs of herbs in the glass, but these gin glasses are designed to allow the aromatic botanicals of the gin to blend with your accompaniment of choice. As with our other glassware, you can also be confident that these gin glasses are dishwasher safe.

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Alongside our glassware, Judge stocks a wide selection of Crockery, Serving Tools and Cutlery Sets to allow you to host stylish and indulgent dinner parties, with your new crystal glasses for refreshments.

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